Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm so blonde: and forgetful too

Today was the last day of my workshop.
Acutally it was more like the last 2 hours because it was clear the speaker was just there to sell us stuff today and having no money for stuff I skipped out after the morning break.
But this is not about that.

I was starving when I came in and put a bowl of soup in the microwave so I could eat fast.
Then I proceeded to answer some emails and take care of a couple of things while it heated up.

About 3 pm I realized I was starving.
How could I be so hungry when I had just eaten a whole can of soup 2 hours ago, I thought?

Then I see the bowl still in the microwave.
I pushed the buttons once again, but this time I kept a spoon in my hand.
Sometimes you just need to stay on task.

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