Saturday, August 04, 2007

Work Related: Assistants

Some brokers are so busy they hire assistants to help agents in making the day to day contacts that must be made. I am also busy and make my own calls but this is not about that.

I have a client thinking of bidding on a property and the listing notes provides a website where more information, specific forms and offer instructions should be obtained before presenting an offer to the selling party.
I look all over this site and can not find it.
So I send a quick email, could I get the direct link to this file?

An assistant calls the next day (yup the next day) and cheerfully informs me that I can download these files off the brokers website and gives me the same URL I have been searching.
I explain to her that I have been to the site, but can't seem to locate it there....the reason for the email.

she says:
OH....Are you new to using the computer?

Excuse me?

Well after a short silence I asked again can she just email me the direct link and guess what she could not find the files on that website either.

I resisted the urge to ask if she was new to being an assistant.

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