Saturday, June 17, 2006

I'm So Blonde: And some people just give me the creeps

So am pushing my cart down the grocery store aisle at my local Kroger and I have not turned around but I can feel someone is right behind me in my personal space.

I stop in the Mexicana, sorry-- the "international foods"-- section and I am looking for those eatable salad bowl things made out of tortillas.
Do you know I cannot find those anywhere anymore???
I used to buy those for at home taco salad all the time.

Anyways...This guy goes around me and turns his cart to face mine and says.
Hi, Pam how's it going with you today?

Ok, that really freaks me out and I say "just fine how are you" like I know him
But of course I am thinking who is this freaky creepy stalker guy?

I went on with my shopping, purposely lingering a while longer looking for those damn salad bowls.

I was all the way outside and in my car before I remembered that I was wearing my name tag from work. What a relief.

NOT that the guy was not creepy, because he was but at least he didn't know my name or where I work.

oh, yeah I guess he does...Ugh.

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