Monday, March 26, 2007

The Apprentice LA: Kinetic Rolls Up Short

This week the teams are out at Universal Studios Hollywood in yet another sales task.
Arrow sets up yet another booth with yet another banner, while Kinetic now with Nicole on board decide to be creative with a roller derby like strategy.

During most of the task the teams are competing for customers, even looking foolish in the fight for sales.

Now I have been to Universal and I seem to remember the parking is rather far away and there is a very long walkway to the actual venue.
I am curious why those girls did not work farther out, capturing sales before the folks even got to the ticketing area and Arrow's little booth.

Ultimately even wearing cute little skirts Team Kinetic could not compete and having lost by over 23%, were sent to the boardroom.
After a failed attempt to throw her newest team member under the bus...PM Angela is fired.

NBC: The Apprentice

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