Monday, September 10, 2007

Work Related: Open House

I hate open house.

It's funny when you watch those house flipper shows on HGTV (you know you do) they always have about a zillion people show up for the open house and almost always they sell it that day.

My open houses usually go two ways.
Seller wants an open house like they have on TV

1.Nobody shows up.
2.Only nosey neighbors show up
Seller is mad because the house didn't sell at open house like it does on TV

Now yesterday I held one of my listings open at the request of my client.

I brought the cookies and the drinks and of course some contracts and expecting the worst, set up my computer to play on POGO.

Well guess what?

People came! All buyers!

I didn't write a contract BUT not only did I get very important feedback on the property (good and bad) I also picked up 3 new clients who have not yet chosen a realtor to work with and 2 of those have loans set up already.

I love open house!

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