Sunday, October 21, 2007

On The Canal: Spots and Stripes

It 's always amazing how many kinds of fish we can pull out of our canal and have taken to having a little light hearted competition in the evenings.
We ended up today with at tie 4 to 4.

John only caught 3 little Sand Trout
but finished up with this beautiful Red Fish.

I caught a drum, a smaller Redfish and and two of these striped fish.
John says they are Black Drum, but I had not seen one before.

The photo is the smaller of the two.
I know all fisherman say that, but it's the truth.
The OTHER Stripey fish was MUCH bigger!

I sent the fish to the Friday Ark, but
no worries they did all live to swim another day.

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Laurie said...

Where was this fish caught?? My husband caught one he said looked like this only darker in color and purplish. Caught in the Poquoson River, VA.