Friday, November 23, 2007

Work Related: This Sucks

I know I don't usually post specific experiences with clients, but I am very annoyed pissed off right now.

I spent 4 days with a very nice older couple here from out of state.
They had to buy a house for cash ASAP.

I showed them more than 40 houses, used more than 2 tanks of gas and dried out a ton of ink to print paperwork, surveys, disclosures, MLS sheets and such for them.

They made two offers. We got counter offers, but fair ones.
Really, they could have had either home at a very good price.

I get an email this afternoon that they are going home and "might" come back for another look at the market in the Spring.

You know what?
I gave up 3 pre-qualfied LOCAL Clients to other agents in my office so I could free up time for this crap.

At least I had the foresight to pull out those homes I thought may interest other clients I am working with.

Maybe I can get something going there.

At least I hope I can....*sigh*

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