Friday, May 23, 2008

Work Related: Danger!

I pull up to a house with clients this morning.
This is a vacant home, yet there is a work type truck in the drive way. This does not concern me because often neighbors will park at a vacant house.

I open up and we go in and start looking around.


I see in the back yard there are two men dressed up head to toe in white outfits like they are from a science fiction movie or something. I was about to comment how strange when they saw me too and start jumping around and waving at us to


The wife, seeing the waving spacemen says..
"OMG we have been poisoned" or something to that effect and we all run out the front door and all I can think is OMG I have poisoned my clients!
(I'm not quite sure why I didn't think OMG I have poisoned myself too, but I wasn't thinking that way at that very moment)
Just as I am slamming the front door shut these guys come running around the house to inform us that the property is infested with highly aggressive bees.
I'm thinking this little tidbit of information may have been a nice thing to include with the showing instructions?

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