Friday, October 03, 2008

After Ike: End of Week Update

The debris removal team made to our street at last!
It was kind of interesting to watch
This white truck pushes the pile up
Then the yellow one picks it up and dumps it all
in the big black truck
The clipboard guy mostly just watches, but sometimes
he picks up a stray chunk and tosses it into the pile
and INSIDE....
We almost have all of this crap scraped up now.
My arms are sore!
Now we have to scrape the popcorn off the ceilings.
The To-Do list just keeps growing.
Rhett wants to help!
He is constantly trying to find a way to get downstairs.
Not yet, little buddy!
We have to complete the utility area first.
Hot water is the next priority!
John has already started the sheetrock and
we are choosing the tile this weekend.
Now the really big news!
We got the electric back!
The electric guy showed up, put in the new meter and turned it on.
I didn't tell him we have not been inspected yet.
Who am I to interupt his very important work!
We also got cable Thursday morning,
but its been on an off since then.
In the neighborhood
The state has most of the boats and other big debris off the road.
Now they are working on guard rails and signs.
There are like no road signs anymore, it's so weird.
The water has been deemed safe to drink and the bathroom safe to use now.
The blue outhouses have been removed!
I was just as happy to see them leave as I was
when they arrived
More later!


Quasi said...

This is unbelievable what you went through. I hope your supply of cat food didn't run out.

Gattina said...

OMG I scrolled a little through your blog, how terrible it must be to get some order in this mess ! I admire your courage and your humour ! Poor Rhett probably doesn't understand what happened.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

What a time you have had!
We are so thankful you both got out with the furkids and every one is OK.
Is the tree up yet?? It looks like it will be fun!
~ Maggie Mae

THE ZOO said...

were glad yoo hafe electricity back and things are slowly coming along. at least yall all are safe.

Hootin' Anni said...

Oh my goodness! Sounds like life is slowly getting back to normal!!!

I'm so relieved [pun of course] that you got your bathroom water back!! Yes indeedy!

I like the 'clipboard guy'...that is too typical of city workers. LOLOLOL

Poor Rhett. He's only trying to help of course.