Saturday, January 10, 2009

After Ike: End of the Week Update

Some progress this week, the bathroom is tiled and
the fixtures are going in.
We will have to go back and put in trim but should
have a functional bathroom very soon

John has started laying out the tile in the
entertainment area. It will be easier to do this before
moving in and working around the bar area.

The roofers have delivered the materials and will
start working on Monday.
Can you believe this little pile costs over $5,000??

Me eithor!


meemsnyc said...

The bathroom is looking great. Look forward to seeing how everything progresses!!

Melli said...

Ooooooo how exciting!!! That floor is fabulous! If the pile for your roof cost $5000 ... I don't even want to THINK what my roof will cost to re-do! We have a LOT of roof! 3 separate peaks! No FOUR! (I forgot the little one over the entry) UGH!

How many sq. ft. is your roof?

Amber Star said...

The bath is coming right along nicely. Are you or John going to sit on that little pile of shingles with a shotgun this weekend? That is ridiculously expensive. I can't even imagine how expensive it would be to re roof our house.

Thanks for the update...I'd been hoping to see more of the house. There was so much for you both to do since the hurricane.