Sunday, June 14, 2009

In Houston: Terra Cotta Warriors

We are going to go see this exhibit today at the Houston Museum of Science.
The tickets are a little pricey, but John really wants to go see this interesting piece of history.
Should be fun.

Exhibit Information

Update: it was interesting but we wish there had
been more there. Even if it was just pots and arrowheads or
something. It took only 40 minutes to go through
even with John reading everything.
Even so if you enjoy history and seeing things that
have survied BC, this is worth the ticket.


Melli said...

Oh yea! I've heard it is FABULOUS! Y'all have fun!

Amber Star said...

well....we missed King Tut when he was in Dallas....oh my...probably not going to get a chance again in this lifetime.

Let me know if the Chinese warriors are good. Hope you guys had a great time.