Monday, December 21, 2009

Work Related: End of the year

What I thought was going to be a really tough year was really tough but still I was able to sell 3 more homes than last year.
Also I just completed a financing course that puts me 30 hours closer to my brokers liscense.
Next year will be no piece of cake with FHA tightening up lending requirements again. But hopefully with some extra effort, it will be all OK.
I'm ready for 2010!


Amber Star said...

I'm so happy for you, kiddo. I wondered if you would make it way back when you quit the yucky job to do what you loved. You did and more. *high five* Now get a 'rita and snuggle up

Melli said...

Well I'm glad SOMEbody is! Good for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go, PJ!

Barbara from CA