Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging: Kate

Kate has boarded the Friday Ark

Thanks Pat for the cute caption!


Amber Star said...

hmm...she does look a lot like Cleopatra ya know.

Oh! I found some pictures..real ones from when we met ya'll before we went on the cruise today. They were in a big box in the back of a closet. Probably got stuck in there during one of my cleaning attempts in that room. It resists.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL....oh slave indeed!!! Bud and I are to our two, I can only imagine what you and Mr. H are. LOLOLOLOL

Thanks so much for your visit today and your birthday wishes for me! Much, much appreciated.

Have a super week ahead!!

oldwhitelady said...

Fun! What a sweet kitty! If anyone knows of an easy way (easy on the cat, and easy on me) to clip the kitties claws, I sure could use some advice.

Anonymous said...

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Marilynn said...

I can only WISH that Grace and boys would ask for manicures and pedicures! As it is, my grandson has to hold each one down while I use regular nail clippers on them. We often get only the front paws' claws done on one cat a day!

I hope y'all are staying nice and cozy and warm during this cold spell. I am sure the kittehs are! How about the beans?