Friday, March 19, 2010

On The Canal: The big Project Completed

The floors are done!
They turned out really pretty and we wish we had
done this a long time ago.

Trouble and his Tiger can
take a well earned break!

Sadly, we have decided to sell this home and
downsize into something more affordable.
Stay tuned as things progress!


Barbara from CA said...

How beautiful! But what a shame that you'll have to leave, now that you've fixed the place up so wonderfully. The six pack will be sorry too.

Melli said...

YOU have GOT to be kidding me! Alllllll this work you have put into this home and it is SO gorgeous - and ON the canal... and now you're going to SELL it??? I think I'm going to cry! :(

I hope you have something REALLY SPECTACULAR in mind!

Amber Star said...

It is truly beautiful and so serene. I know you will hate leaving, but you will have another challenge to tackle. *hugs*

I love the floor. We have oak with a darker stain in the hallway. Smartest thing we ever did was to put hardwoods in the hall. I'd love to put a hard surface floor in the front bedroom with a beautiful persian carpet. I'm feeling really good tonight if you can tell. When the arthritis is bad I don't want to do anything. I drop down to 2 prednisone in the morning. Right back to the achey breaky bones feeling.

I think we will be down in your area in April or May. Right now everyone is meeting themselves coming and going. Hope maybe this time we can meet for a drink..well, ya'll can and I can have a diet coke.

Hootin' Anni said...

Why on earth are you going to sell?!!!! I'm so saddened by this, as I know just how much you loved living here.