Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Apprentice: Week 3

The Return of Brent
Week three begins with Andrea bursting into tears at the realization that Brent was not fired.
Psst....The Donald hates crying, Andrea.

Meanwhile, Lenny is annoyed when he finds out Lee and Dan will not be participating in the next task do to the Jewish holiday.
Ok, he's pissed off.
We find out from Trump that George will also be absent.

The Task
Each team is instructed to organize a retreat for some GM dealers showcasing the new Chevy Tahoe.

Gold Rush forged ahead with no theme and little direction. PM Teresa believes in just assigning tasks and trusting hoping they get done correctly. Of course they don't. The generator did not get ordered, the golf course thing Tarek was setting up sucked and Teresa spends too much time laying blame and not taking charge.
The models Charmaine hires are pretty and dumb, make that pretty dumb and to top off the day the comedian she also hired offended the audience.

Synergy on the other hand under PM Andrea chose an outdoorsy type theme including fly fishing, skeet shooting, and rock climbing. After being informed shooting guns is not allowed in the park (duh) they opted for the maybe not much safer activity of golf cart racing. They then took the execs for rides in the Tahoe to help educate them about the new product.

To The Boardroom
The teams are rejoined by Dan and Lee and it's off to the boardroom to get the results.
Synergy is the clear winner and as a reward are sent to the aquarium to swim with the sharks.
Gold Rush seemed relieved that excerpts from the evaluation forms were not read aloud.
They go back to the suite where much yelling occurs.
There sure is a lot of yelling this season.

She's Fired
Theresa insists on bringing Lenny and Tarek to the boardroom.
Had she brought Charmaine, maybe she would have been spared.
As Lenny said, "too bad her brain is not as large as her boobs".
Citing a clear lack of leadership as the reason,
Trump tells Theresa...You're Fired.

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Pain of the Week Contest

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