Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Apprentice: Week 5

This week our candidates made commercials for Norwegian Cruise lines.

Dan appointed himself PM and went to work at a manic pace alienating most of his team in the process. Everyone jumped on board with Lenny's idea for the spot, but were frustrated when Dan tried to do everything himself.

Roxanne stepped up for Synergy and even with Andrea's constant bitching, the team pulled off the win. The reward was a trip to a vault filled with diamonds and they even got to keep some.

Trump seem especially harsh in the boardroom.
He wanted Lenny sitting before him, but Dan refused to bring him in.
He tore into Tarek, even saying "Maybe Mensa should change the test".
Lee almost talked too much, he is rather smug....this one.
However, Dan could not defend his lack of leadership and so
Dan, You're Fired

The Apprentice Views did some liveblogging
Mike Barer says Andrea is a Type A, if that stands for annoying I totally agree.
Ann Althouse found the show dull without Brent
I always enjoy reading the synopsis by JoeRealty and RealtyNews

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