Friday, January 26, 2007

Work Related: Full of CRAP!

I showed a house today to a nice clients (well 8 houses) but anyway...this one home looked nice enough on the outside, however the inside was quite another matter.

We walked back to the bedrooms and both rooms were covered wall to wall in dog shit.
The stench was nearly unbearable.
I've never been so disgusted and my poor clients were gagging and running out the door.

Now, this is a repo and they are always dirty but this was just plain shocking and nasty and not to mention unhealthy.

I apologized profusely and even though we are not supposed to say anything negative about other agents I said I would NEVER put my name on a sign in front of a listing in this condition.
Well, then the husband started laughing because the sign in the yard said..."Show Place"
He said that WAS quite a show....ha.

I am calling this agent tomorrow and tell him I will NEVER show one of his listings again and how DARE he not warn buyers agents about the condition of this property.
I mean seriously...yuck.

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