Monday, February 12, 2007

The Apprentice LA: Arrow Feels the Sting

This week our teams are sent out to harvest bees, bottle the honey and sell the goods at a local grocery store. It was rather disturbing seeing them all decked out in the bee keeper suits and I was hoping no one is allergic to bee stings.

Back at the office both teams are taking a painful amount of time choosing a bottle and a label for the product. This being a point of sale type challenge and not a marketing one, they really could have used about anything for the label and expended more effort making colorful banners and signs for the display tables.
The ones they used looked pretty bad.

After bottling and labeling has been completed, the real competition begins.

Arrow seems to be doing well even though Aaron is floundering in the sales area.
Kinetic feels they are falling behind and Derek puts his bee keeper garb back on. The gold medalist is featured at one table and these tactics help them pull ahead to win the task.
Yup! It's back to Tent City for Arrow!

In the board room, the team tries to throw Surya under the bus for being annoying.
No doubt he IS annoying, but clearly he did not lose this task.
Aimee is much tougher as a judge than she was as project manager.
She better be careful making enemies in case the players get moved around in future tasks.

Aaron makes a classic mistake by inviting Nicole into the boardroom and in the same breath saying she should not be fired.
The Donald hates that.
Aaron you're fired!

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