Monday, February 19, 2007

The Apprentice LA:

This week our teams are working to promote a sweepstakes for
Project managers Surya and Aimee both must overcome dissension on their respective teams.
Neither succeed in this most difficult part of the task, but Surya and Team Arrow wins.

In the boardroom all fingers point to Aimee.
Clearly Trump agrees that leadership was lacking and sent Aimee to the limo as Kinetic sadly sulks off to live in Trump Tent City once again.

You know...
You would think this far into the process the tasks would become more challenging.
I mean...How hard is it to set up a kiosk at the mall and sign people up for a drawing?
And while I'm bitching, how about more task and less romance...yuck. is giving away a chance to attend the live finale.

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