Friday, January 04, 2008

TV: The Apprentice

She's back along with some celebrity players and it the male vs female this time for charity.

In the first task our candidates are selling New York hot dogs.
How fun for the people on the street happening along that sight!

The guys get right to work bringing in the big bucks, using resources "normal" apprentice candidate's would not have access too.

Omarosa first insists on being PM then totally misses the point of the task. She really thinks they can win selling 5 dollar hot dogs!
Her team does not stand up to her, even though they see the error in her thinking.
The result was a huge loss for the ladies.

Although Omarosa deserved to be fired, she manages to toss the Playmate under the bus and survives to see another boardroom.

In a fun twist the other team is allowed to watch the drama from their own war room. This could be a huge advantage going forward.

I totally expected to not like this season, but OK I'm hooked already and predicting
Marilu Henner to take the top spot.

The Celebrity Apprentice

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