Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Looking Forward

I always look forward to the New Year.
Here are some changes I want to make going forward into 2008.
I'd love to hear yours too!

1. Blogging Related:
I love blogging, but I let it become a chore in 2007
I want to do "something" with Rico's blog even if it is to let it go.
Also, I had been working on a new look for this one and never finished that project.
I just want to make blogging fun again!

2. Work Related:
I finished the year ranked number 6 in our office (there are approx 60 agents).
I missed the coveted "top 5" by TWO freakin' houses!
This year I resolve to not get discouraged when things are slow because I realize no other agent beat me, I only beat myself .....and that is not cool.

3. Household Related:
OK! I admit it! My house is a pigsty! I thought working at home would be great but being home means getting the house dirty. John is helpful but he works a LOT and it's just not fair for him to be scrubbing a bathroom on his much needed off time.
I need to set aside part of my day to clean house, every day.

4. Health Related:
We are doing better here but more improvement can be made.
I got out of the habit of walking every day, but we are eating healthier and eating out much less.
I even bought a new crock pot for those evenings I am out showing homes late in the day and I'm looking forward to preparing more healthy meals with that.
We do need to do some personal maintenance too. For example we have dental insurance but have not been in a very long time. I guess I will wait for my glasses to fall apart before I go to the eye doctor again. It's been a REally long time for that too.
I don't know why I put that kind of stuff off, I really don't.

5. Pet Related:
I was thinking it would be a good idea to find a another pregnant cat and adopt all her progeny because the kittens I took in in 2007 are all grown up now.

6. Money Related:
Becoming self employed took a real hit on our finances.
Debt reduction has got to be a priority in 2008.
We will just have to leave a little farther below our means.
I never meant to be in debt again, this sucks!

7. Personal Note:
Wow if you got all the way down here you must really bored by now!
Thankyou for reading and I hope your New Year is all you are hoping for.

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