Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stuff Keeps Breaking

First is was my lap top, my good one.
Right before it went down I got a window that said something like.
"battery condition critical...have a new battery ready"
So thinking it was indeed the battery, I spent 70 bucks on a new one.
Of course it was not the battery and even the guy at the computer hospital could not revive it.
When I went to pick it up he had put a yellow sticky note on it.

NOW...my NEW dryer is making a horrid clunking sound.
This fancy ass dryer should not be doing anything but drying clothes after only 4 months.
I will have to find out who to call for warranty work...joy.

Worst of all is my car.
I am going down the freeway when I hear this loud clanking sound.
I am looking around to see who the hell is driving a car that sounds like THAT!!
Then I realize I am driving a car that sounds like that and quickly exit into a Walmart parking lot. Lucky the dealorship is only a few miles down the road so they came to pick up for me.
I have not heard back from the car hospital yet, but hoping they do not put a yellow sticky note on it that says
Stay tuned.


Melli said...

You know it was a week like this that prompted my Insanity Prevails poem... I totally understand! A good hard cry and throwing something might help! Other than that... get out the credit card... *sigh* I hope it all gets fixed. (a hug)

Amber Star said...

Oh man I hate it when that happens! Waiting it out is about all I can tell you...it usually passes fairly quickly. Gah...what a hassle for you!

Mike Barer said...

Oh no Pj! Hopefully you'll get everything rolling again soon.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hope it's all okay with your red pony!!!

The dryer is under warranty tho....and the laptop? Man o man...when it rains it pours.

Marilynn said...

FUBAR, indeed. What a string of awful luck. =(

You should concentrate on getting some Baby Rico photos rounded up and maybe doing a nostalgia series of posts. Take your mind off these things.

I do like that bright orange-red car, though!!