Saturday, March 21, 2009

Work Related: Just Venting

I have gotten behind with blogging because I am so busy with working.
YES......that is a good thing for the most part, but so much of my work is not productive and truly I would be happier just spending part of the day blogging even if it is just pictures of cat tummies.

Example 1: 2 days research for out of town client, they are IN Houston for Only the ONE day... URGENT...must find house!
Client calls morning of many appointments time to see homes today will call next trip.

Example 2: I am on my way driving across town for a last minute showing, this person has to see this house NOW. ...CAN NOT see another time PLEASE show today.
When I am 2 blocks away she calls...the house is ugly can I show a different one instead??
Ummm .......No.

Example 3: Ok I can't tell this story in case this idiot finds my blog

Example 4: One of my problem listings actually sells, it's a great house but in a remote area.
The buyers agent lives in cave man times. He can not scan documents and his fax machine produces illegible crap. I must hand deliver everything to every party or the title company and lenders and my broker will freak out.
Then after all that time, gas and drama, these buyers find a different house they prefer and cancel the contract.

Example 5: Well, crap I better not tell this one either but thanks for listening

On a happy note, I have met an important sales goal this quarter assuming all will close that are supposed to close...which again takes away from blogging because it is a VERY long walk from offer to closing right now.
Shoot, it's pretty much a marathon.
I like a challenge, really I do.


Hootin' Anni said...

Number 3 and 5 just cracked me up, but I can imagine the story line knowing you. What a hoot.

Sounds like time for a margarita under your new metal sign if you ask me. At least mix 'em up there and then go out on the boat dock, sit with hubby and drink up!!!!

Amber Star said...

I'm glad you are actually selling anything and people are actually able to qualify for loans. It gets frustrating, but remember...there is always tax free weekend.