Monday, April 06, 2009

After Ike: Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is really coming along.

Landrys after Ike

photo from NOAA

The train is up and running, but we noticed
they have changed the path up a little.
Here it is passing by the new improved Landrys

Cadillac Bar after Ike

photo from NOAA

Cadillac looking like new again

The hotel still looks a little beat up, and the play ground
is completely gone...... but the
fountain is all good.

The Beast is in full operation

New ride called "The Drop Zone"
No thanks

The new carousel is a double-decker
Very pretty!

There are some changes, but all in all
It is looking really good at the Boardwalk.

Even though they are charging 6 bucks to park now.


Melli said...

I have never seen a double decker carousel! THAT is gorgeous! Oh, I want to come JUST so I can ride that!

Amber Star said...

Oh gosh...that Cadillac Bar is where we met for drinks and a sandwich that time before we left on the cruise. It looks good now after being rebuilt. Thanks for the update. My daughter doesn't do pictures and I don't know how much progress has been made lately. Hopefully we will get down there soonish. I'm getting that ole wanderlust again. Hubs is at the travel agent looking at an Alaska cruise! If we can get away that long with the in laws and all.

Jason said...

Free parking is still available under the bridge with free shuttle service to the Boardwalk.

The $6 only applies on weekends and holidays during "peak" season. Basically Spring Break through Halloween.