Saturday, April 25, 2009

Topsy Turvy Sucks

OK, so we carefully read and followed the instructions
inside the box and both plants have died already.

So we will try again, using only one plant this time

This was my pretty trumpet plant, it did
not recover from Ike.

We are going to use that little space to kill grow
some yummy cucumbers.

to be continued.....


Melli said...

LOL!!! Dr. John just received HIS topsy turvy in the mail the other day. He hasn't planted in it yet. But now I'm thinking to myself... you probably can't IMPROVE on God's master plan for growing tomatoes!

Good luck with the cukes! Only plant 3 seeds!!! (and pray two of 'em don't take!)

Amber Star said...

I truly was wondering about that thing today! Hum...I guess I'll stick with the old fashioned way of growning the things, but I'm using some of my tomato supports to hold up my peas that apparently Mother Nature has decided to kill or grow quickly and then die. We have gone from 34F to 93F in a week. And now it is going to be hot and also it is supposed to rain between 3-6" in the next few days. I'm tellin' ya....God gets all of our prayers for rain at the same time and just about drowns us.

Hootin' Anni said...

What a shame your trumpet didn't come back to life. It was so pretty. Hmmmmm, I was wondering about those topsy turvey thingies. Now I will just not buy one.

Hootin' Anni said...

thought of you yesterday....with your new bar sign....and Cinco de Mayo!!

Amber Star said...

Oh PJ, I just noticed the fertilizer bag in the pic. What happened is the very high first number is the nitrogen content and probably it burned the plants up.

The middle number is what is needed for fruit and flowers. Here is a url that will give you info on which fertilizer to use.

Try it again using some of the proper fertilizer.

Jeff said...

Your Topsy Turvy experience looks like mine. I did get two tomatoes off of it before it died.

Anonymous said...

we got two small tomatoes the thing grew too the ground
. junk

junior1953 said...

I purchased a topsy turvy at CVS drug store. The topsy turvy is a poorly designed chinese product. The plastic rim designed to fit on the top metal ring is at least 2" too large to fit. When I called to complain, they said take it back to where you bought it, we did not not sell it to you. I said its your name on the product. I will never buy another topsy turvy.