Friday, December 02, 2005

The Apprentice: Final Four

It's week 11 of the Apprentice job interview and we are down to the final four.

This episode begins with Alla happy to see Felisha entering the suite.
Felisha is crying.
Alla is rolling her eyes.

Excel now consists of Randal and Rebecca, with Capital Edge being left with the remnants of this season's Blonde Brigade.

The Four are sent to meet with Microsoft executives where they are given the task of producing a 60 second video for Microsoft Office Live Meeting.
Felisha and Rebecca both feel they should be project manager this time.
Felisha is close to tears explaining how she needs to prove herself and Alla is trying not to roll her eyes.

The Blondes quickly come to blows with both of them trying to take the lead in the task.
Felisha is a train wreck waiting to happen, truly the girl needs some meds already.
Alla is becoming increasingly frustrated, weakness is not something she has patience with.
They argue in front of Bill, that can't be good.

Randal and Rebecca on the other hand are getting right to work with Rebecca taking the lead and Randal supporting her with useful suggestions. They work really well together.

Both teams go into the meeting with their respective presentations.
The Microsoft people are smiling at Excel's story, they clearly enjoyed it.
The Capital Edge video is choppy and the words move to fast to read.
They tried to cram too much into the 60 second allowed time, and it shows.
It was not hard to guess who would be the winner.
Excel gets the reward, a tour around Manhattan on a 1920's Schooner.
Randal and Rebecca were surprised and happy to be allowed to spend the day with their signifigant others.

Meanwhile The Blondes are having dinner and discussing the big loss.
Felisha is crying.
Alla is rolling her eyes.

It's to the board room for Capital Edge.
Alla is out for blood, Felicia's blood.
Felisha is crying, The Donald hates crying.
Felisha, he says is not strong enough to work in NYC and fires her.
Alla rises, Trump says.....sit down Alla.
Alla is hard to manage, says Trump.
Alla is shocked to hear that she is also fired.

I really think that if only Alla had backed off and stopped talking she would have been spared to go on to the final three.
I was crushed, she was my favorite for the win.

Bu-Bye Blondes

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