Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Shopping: Tap Tap Tap

I hate waiting in line.
It's not the wait so much that bugs me, as it is the annoying people in line ahead of me.
Like, the chick at the grocery store who waits until her order is completely rung up before digging in her purse and getting out her checkbook. Checks take forever anyways, I think everyone should have to use debit cards and speed up the process.
Or at the bank...I always get behind the person who doesn't understand they need 2 IDs to cash a check when they have no account at that bank and want to argue with the teller about it.
Dude, just go to YOUR bank already.
This Bank has eliminated clocks to prevent customers from complaining about the wait time.
Funny, I noticed at the Post Office the other day there was no clock. I looked for one because I wondered how long I had been waiting in line behind a lady who decided to box, address, and tape her packages after the clerk weighed them and told her all the many prices....tap tap tap

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