Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Apprentice 5: Let the Games Begin

The season premiere of The Apprentice was rather blah, as was the first task of selling Sam's Club Memberships.

The candidates except for a couple are very young and I could have sworn we've seen Brent before, oh wait that was Markus.

Pick Your Poison
After the candidates introduce themselves, The Donald chooses 2 project managers and instruct them to start choosing a team-- grade school style.
They name themselves "Synergy" and "Gold Rush" and get right to work.

Staying On Task
Allie and Team Synergy brainstorm some ideas that are good and bad. They decide to give free manicures and massages to anyone who upgrades their Sam's Club Membership. Both teams are given a GoodYear Blimp to push the sales and Brent is angry at being chosen to ride in it.

Tarek, PM for Gold Rush, is a Mensa member and in case you forget that fact....he will remind you everytime he opens his mouth. The team seems to be a dollar short on marketing ideas, but settle on a free totebag for everyone that walks in whether or not they upgrade the membership. Summer was told to call area business owners and invite them to the party but she only made one call. I think they should have printed up some quick invitations and hand delivered them instead, but they didn't ask me did they?

And the Winner is...
Back in the boardroom our candidates are all confident they have won the task. The numbers speak for themselves. Synergy has won by only three and are rewarded lunch with Trump.

In the suite, Gold Rush is mourning the loss and Tarek and Lenny are doing some damage control. Tarek is instructing Lee on what to say and Lenny is telling Summer to say nothing.
Later, the team is sitting before Trump. Lee speaks against Tarek, and Tarek who is supposed to be among the top 2% of the world in intelligence (just ask him) invites Lee back into the boardroom along with Lenny and Summer.

There's One Every Season
Just when Trump is about to fire PM Tarek ( a member of Mensa..don't forget) Summer stupidly interrupts him. Even AFTER Trumps warns her she does it again.
Summer......You're fired.

Note to candidates: If Donald Trump tells you to shut-up......shut-the-hell-up.


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