Saturday, February 11, 2006

Shopping: The Dump

So we are always hearing the radio commercial for this furniture place The Dump.

We saw one on our way home through H-town today and excitedly stopped to check it out.

We would love to have a new bedroom suite.
John is using the dresser he had for about 40 years and I am not kidding.

Well, they use the type of marketing that is big red tags that say "compare too" this price and "our price" kind of thing. You wonder where do they get this "compare to" number and we didn't wander around this huge showroom long before we were convinced that surely they pull this all important figure out of their a$$es.

No doubt there might be some good deals here IF you even see something you like and we didn't.

John says, We've been here twice.....first time and last time.

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