Monday, February 06, 2006

The Bachelor In Paris

It's time for Doctor Travis to meet the parents and clips from former seasons remind viewers that anything can happen.

Wipe Out

California Girl Moana spent time surfing floating on a surf board with the bachelor before bringing him to meet her family.
They should have stayed at the beach.

She Still Lives at Home?
After spend more time with Sarah Canada, Travis realizes there are some maturity issues here.
Sarah.....please shut up already "aboot" the other girls.

HomeTown Girl
Next up is Sarah Tennessee, the kindergarten teacher.
Travis brings his doggy on the date, and gets to meet some of Sarah's students.

And the Award Goes to...
Susan the Actress.
No really, just ask her Mom.

One Sarah left Roseless

Susan and Moana are given roses followed by Sarah Tennessee.
The remaining trio will be going on romantic overnight dates.

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