Friday, September 08, 2006

100 Word Stories

My entry this week for the 100 word story challenge
The subject this week is "Time Travel"

It was most unlikely that you would ever find Paula contemplating the theory of relativity.

She had met a handsome physics professor who invited her to take a ride in his newly constructed time machine.

He explained the workings of his great invention, and not being a deep thinker she eagerly accepted the invitation.

Would she prefer to travel forward or backwards? He asked with an evil grin?

Forward please she replied, and stepped into a looming metal box with double sliding doors.

After a few moments she realized her mistake and following a well placed slap, exited the elevator


All the entries are posted HERE, so go listen up and vote for your favorite stories
If you want to write your OWN 100 story,
next weeks topic is "A Bloody Hook"
Should be fun!

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