Friday, September 29, 2006

100 Word Stories

The Stepping Stones
A 100 Word Story submitted to the Weeky Challenge

Looking around at her neighbor’s well manicured lawns,
Paula decided she wanted to spruce things up a little bit.

She bought some plants at the local hardware store and spent the entire afternoon digging holes and planting an attractive assortment of greenery.

Then, she carefully chose just the right stepping stones and
placed them in the dirt forming a lively little garden path.

Beautiful! Just like in a magazine” she smiled proudly.

The next morning (running late as usual)
Paula caught her heel, then hit her head on those very stumbling blocks that she had so carefully created for herself.


The IFOC weekly challenge #24 will be posted on Saturday
so give a listen and vote for your favorites.
If you would like to write your own story that is exactly 100 words,
the rules are there too

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