Sunday, September 17, 2006

100 Word Stories

I forgot to submit my story this week for the 100 word challenge.
But here it is just the same

The Untold Legend of Bloody Hook
A 100 word story

On a road to nowhere in particular,
A shiny metal object lay gleaming in the moonlight.

The scene was gruesome, young lovers cut down.
Several of the cars on Lover’s Lane were still running,
The occupants too involved with each other
to see what was coming.

He had lusted for the fame and attention his crime would bring.
He could not believe his own stupidity.
He had killed them all, and left no one to tell the story!
Damn it! He cried and banged his stump against a tree.

No one left to tell...

The legend of The Bloody Hook.


Now go listen to the "good" stories and vote for your favorite.
If you would like to write your own story that is exactly 100 words
for the next challenge, the rules are here

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