Friday, June 29, 2007

Don't you hate it when: You have to call the cable co??

I have not gotten a cable bill in months, but it is not that big of a deal because I pay it online anyway. I suspect because I tend to pay online, I was switched to paperless billing.
I know I did not sign up for paperless billing, but I'm sure that is what happened.


Time Warner Cable is now Comcast.
And this new entity has spent about a gillion marketing dollars announcing their arrival and touting their awesome customer service record.

I bet you see where I am going with this...don't you.

Well, my bill is due and the site to register your account to pay online has been not working for the entire 10 days we have been blessed with Comcast.
At least is is not working for me.

Today I give up and call customer service.
The hold was not horribly long but when I got with someone to explain I need to pay my bill because I can not log in she requested I register at the Comcast site.
This was after I had just said I there is an "this feature is not available" error message that comes up after I type in my information.

Surely I am not the only person having this issue

Well she was not rude, but a little pissy and asked that I try again with her on the line with me.
No go.
Then she said she can do it for .......Thankyou!

So after all that I have my new password, said my goodbyes and attempted to log in and at long last pay my cable bill.


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