Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I'm so blonde: and I lose stuff too

So I am looking for something in my wallet and realize both my Visa and AMEX are not there.
I go through all my purses,--that's a LOT of purses-- and look all on the floor of my car before giving up and calling them in as lost.
Now, when you call, the telephone robot asks you to enter the account number.
Since I do not have my cards, I cannot give this information.
I even pulled the bills and there is only XXX-XXX-4numbers on those bills.
Finally after Rosie the Robot asks about 3 times for this all important number a human came on the line to take my request.
What a hassle.
Luckily they have not been used, but where in the heck did I lose two cards from INSIDE my wallet...sigh.

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