Sunday, November 23, 2008

After Ike: End of Week Update

I got the paint for the bathroom and if it looks bright?
It is!
I plan to repeat this in the bar area, and I have
another bright color for the media area.

As soon as we find, bring home, and install the
tile we can put in the sink and toilet.


While we wait for tile, John started on the screen porch.
Some of the wood is pretty rotted so he is replacing that
as he puts on the new screening.

This is a very time consuming project considering most of the
work must be done by ladder, but he is making good progress.


I found these at EBAY



Hootin' Anni said...

LOVE the Mexican signs. Way cool.

And I really like the bright yellow for the walls. It brings a bit of cheerfulness to your life. I bet your 'six pack' will love having the screened in porch finished!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours P J!!!

Melli said...

Oooooo I'm getting EXCITED!!! I love that yellow - deep rich golden yellow! And I bet the red in those signs is another one of your bold and beautiful colors! Right? Would turquoise be the 3rd one? I can not WAIT to see this finished project!

I, too, am still in the process of finding and bringing home tile -- for my kitchen! I want to do behind the stove. I was thinking about painting my own... but I don't know... I want to look around a bit more.

Amber Star said...

Don't put the signs in the same place, I don't is bathroom and the other is a margarita bar. Oh what the hell, knock yourself out.

I love the color, too.