Friday, November 07, 2008

After Ike: Excuse Me While I Scream in Frustration

So I am trying to find out what to do with the insurance check that is made out to the mortgage company and of course I get the automatic voice lady telling what numbers to push for this and that need. After going through several menus she says.

If your property was damaged in the recent storm event press star. A representative is standing by to take your call.

YES!!! They are standing by!!
*presses star*

I'm sorry, that is not a valid option.
Please press 1 for the main menu


Update: I did get through by hitting zero and I spoke to a human who says we have to mail them the check for endorsement.

I also got an email last night with a survey asking me to rate the customer service center.
My opinion is very important to them.
The link to this very important survey in non-working.


Melli said...

I always push "0" in hopes of finding a real person! It's no wonder we have "road rage" and "going postal" and such... customer service is nearly non-existent anymore!

Lisa said...

Last time I got caught in one of those automatic phone systems I just hit 000000000 and it got me to a real person. There are other tricks to try for overriding those menus. I wish I could remember the website that had all the tips.

Lisa said...

Try this one

Amber Star said...

Don't you love those call tree things...*L* I was wondering about the roof fiasco status. Told hubby about it and he was all like Oh man..what a mess.

We may be down there on Thanksgiving...I may still be sane after 5 hours in the car with my mil...if I can find your cell number I may call to chat you up a bit. We won't be there long though. My mil and fil have to rush back home so there will be another 5 hours in the car with them going home. 10+ hours cooped up with the two of them in three days...oh boy.