Sunday, May 10, 2009

Astros show off for Mom

What a pretty day it was at the Minute Maid Park today. The top was UP. We play baseball INside in Houston.

Junction Jack brought his Mom to the game today.
The baseball earrings are must

Not only did the players bring the Mom's they let
them throw out the first pitch

And... we won!

Mom's got a chance to run the bases.
That's me in the white tank and skort waving like a dork.
I hope all you Mom's had a great day too..;)


Melli said...

ROFLMBO!!! Looks like you had a GREAT time! I notice they didn't make the players mom's run the bases! That's a LONG way! You did great!

Amber Star said...

It is hard to get the cameraman to pay attention, isn't it! Looks like you had a great fun Mother's Day and the 'Stros won on top of that.

Mike Barer said...

Real Cool PJ!

Amber Star said...

Hey kiddo..if you get a chance to stop back by my blog I have a little something for you. Good run around the bases you did. You look like a teenager :)