Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dallas Leg

We crashed at the kids house last night, and had breakfast with the girls this morning.

Jaeley woke up happy

Sydney woke up hungry

Gelsey made the pancakes and they were really yummy
but...can someone please pass Lezley the syrup already!

We didn't get to see Kelsey this trip, she was with her
other Grandma this weekend.

Next .......Oklahoma


Melli said...

I can NOT believe Jaeley is THAT big already! WHERE does the time gO?

So GLAD you got to stop and see the kids and the grands! I'm sure that made the trip worth while right there!

Amber Star said...

Did you wave as you drove past? Have a safe trip. If we could we would get out of Dodge, too.

Hootin' Anni said...

look at that face...if there ever was a 'pout'...this is one of them. LOL, too cute.