Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday Cat Blogging:Rico "Sticky Paws" Loco

So I am working and Rico is playing at my feet when I look down I see he has a paperclip.

"No, baby that is not a cat toy", I say and take it away.

A few minutes later, he goes trotting by like he has just captured prey and sure enough he has a paper clip again.

Now, the first one is still sitting next to me and now I am looking to see if I had spilled some clips on the floor somewhere.
I take it away and give him a mousie.
It was not long until the little shit dropped something at my feet.

A paper clip.

Now it took me long enough, but realized I needed to watch him to see where he is so happily stealing my office supplies from.
I sure don't want to be running him to the animal ER from him choking on or swallowing a stupid paper clip for goodness sake.

OH No, bad kitty

So now I will just have to remember to keep the paperclips in the cabinet.

OK, make that the drawer.

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