Friday, July 28, 2006

On the Coast: Windstorm Insurance

I learned something today.

My insurance agent called me, it is time to renew our windstorm and the rates had gone up.
No surprise here, Allstate and others dropping waterfront dwellers and raising rates have been all over the news.

So she gives me the quotes, one for replacement at our appraised value and one for 40k more than our little house is assessed.

Both of those numbers are too high so I tell her I want the minimum coverage my lender requires.

Well, guess what?
By taking only a 2% deductible I can save $700.00 a year on my premium.

I wish I had asked for that plan a couple of years ago because it sure was not offered to us when we purchased this house.

I will pass this information on to my clients now.

I must be getting smarter in my old age.

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