Monday, July 10, 2006

The Tax Protest

Well, it went pretty well.

The guy was friendly and we looked at comps together and he showed us how the market values are rising in our neighborhood. I already knew that would be a problem and I brought ugly pictures of our house to show it is not as nice as the ones selling for so much.

He also has aerial shots of each subdivision on his computer and he zoomed in on our home as well as the ones around it and we looked at them together.

Finally he agreed we are a assessed a "little" high.
He reduced our market value a few thousand dollars and I was pretty happy.

When got home, I put the numbers in the calculator and realized that this reduction does not relate to tax dollars very dramatically, darn.
Our taxes going up $101 dollars less than they were going up before we protested.
that's about 8 dollars a month or a 6 pack of Corona.

Ok, I'm happy again.

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