Tuesday, December 19, 2006

100 127 Word StoryPoem

Ok so this started out to be a 100 word story for this week's 100 Word Story Challenge, then is was not a hundred words or a story.
Sometimes it just works out that way.

A Christmas Tale

Twas the day before Christmas
And down at the mall
The traffic had slowed
to a proverbial crawl

The pressure was mounting,
And tempers grew hot
The competition was on
For each parking spot

When what should my wondering
eyes did appear?
A car backing out?
The way is all clear?

I smiled and laughed,
This is excellent luck!
When from the other side,
In pulled a big truck.

He hopped out of the cab,
The big stupid jerk
Then nodded and gave me
A rude little smirk

The anger was raging,
My face was beat red
And visions of slashed tires
Danced my head.

In a blink of my eye,
He was out of my sight.
Merry Christmas Asshole
You are not worth the fight.

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