Sunday, December 31, 2006

A New Year Meme

Melli came across this Meme and it sounded kind of fun.
List the first sentence of the first post of the first day of each month and make a story.
Here we go....

Happy New Year!
It's my first full day working from home and I think I will like working this way.
Just for fun, a few of the candidate's personal Web Sites.
Shopping: Belly Rings
Kitty Movie Monday!
It's June 1st and the official start of Hurricane Season 2006
And yes, the girls have grown!
13 years ago today we were married at the San Jose Mission
in San Antonio, Texas
Relaxing in a sunbeam
Happy Birthday Gelsey
Post Halloween fun
Just as the last day of hurricane season passed,
in came the cold weather.

It was a fun year, and next year I hope to do better but don't expect any deep thinking from this blonde, OK?

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