Friday, December 08, 2006

Night Court

So last night was my jury duty at municipal court.

We were to report at 6pm.
I got there about 10 minutes til and there was a long line of jurors checking in.

We were given the required information, then seated in the order in which we arrived and court began.

First the judge called from his list all the people that did not require or request a jury trial.
Mostly people were asking to take driver courses for tickets
Why can't they do this part in the daytime?

Then the bailiff announced there was to be 3 trials and the panels of 15 for each trial were determined at random, in the order we were seated. The first 6 in each group that were not stricken by either side would serve.
Excuse ME?
The order we are seated is the order we arrived, that is NOT random.

So...Basically if you were on time and sitting with in the first 45 seats you were on a panel.
If you were late, you got sent home.

Well, I was seated 12th in the second group, so had to sit through the entire first trial (because we only have the one courtroom) knowing it was unlikely that I would have to serve at all.

So to make a long story short, I did not get on the jury and was sent home around 8:15pm.
Next time, I will know to be late for jury duty.

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