Saturday, December 06, 2008

Show Her The Money!

I was in Target this afternoon and gosh there were a lot of tired and screaming kids but this one little girl really caught my attention.

She couldn't have been more 2 and was throwing a total shit fit.

"I want Mommy" "I want Mommy" "I want Mommy"

Well, I look over she appeared to be with Mommy already and my first thought was OhMyGod is that child being stolen?
Then I realized she was screaming.

"I want MONEY"

Well....Hell, don't we all?


Mike Barer said...

Screaming 2 year old in a public place are one thing. Shrieking 6 year olds in a public place are downright horrible and they can go on forever! Like the one in Starbucks today.

Melli said...

Me AND my kid woulda been outta that store so fast her head would have probly fell off on the floor... I didn't put up with that crap, and I hate it when people do! I don't expect the kids to be perfect - but I DO expect the parents to take care of it!

Lisa said...

A 2 year old screaming for money? WTF? I can't stand screaming kids. They make me want to run and hide.

Gattina said...

That will be a future finance genius, hahaha !

Hootin' Anni said...

No kidding!!! me d'money!!!