Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Tummy Tuesday: Kate and Saywer

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Hootin' Anni said...

Awwwwwww, so so sweet!

Hi P J....yep, Tahoe and Winston are 'trained'. You should see them when we get home. They know they're not supposed to go out in the garage, and we leave the kitchen door open [coming in from the garage], and they are both sitting at the doorway watchin' us bring in the sacks of groceries. They look so pitiful...wishing they could step out there.

Funny thing is, they even lift a foot toward the threshold and we say "NO!" and they're backing off back into the kitchen.

PS...I was looking at the play areas for cats [you know, the cat trees and covered play areas] at Pet Smart yesterday while I was waiting for the car to get 'new shoes in the form of tires' and almost bought one for them for Christmas...thinking all the time of your SIX pack of course.

WOW! This turned into a novel didn't it?

Happy Tuesday

mog said...

Nothing like a couple of laid back kitties to show a little tummy. Cute pic.

Marilynn said...

Beautiful tummies, to be sure. And Tuesday (and Wednesday and Thursday, too), everyone needed to huddle and cuddle to keep warm!!

Grace & Company

Amber Star said...

What a pile of sweet kitties :)