Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here comes Trouble, day 5

The babycat seems strong and alert but
not gaining weight.
I'm trying to up his food intake.

Keep purring!


Melli said...

Mm hmmm.... so ... Do you have a sign on your door now that says "RESCUE"? I thought so! She's adorable! I hope she gains soon!

Omnibus Driver said...

Do you have a scale to keep track of her weight? If not, email me, and I may have one I can send ASAP.

She's such a cutie. Keep up the good work!

Omnibus Driver said...

P.S. -- You might want to tuck this info on microchipping, away for future reference.

Marilynn said...

Well, I should have read your earlier posts! This is really one precious kitten!!