Thursday, July 02, 2009

Topsy Turvey Sucks Continued

I'm sure it is hard to tell in this picture but
Topsy continues to grow UP and now Down
even though it appears to be pretty much dead.

The potted plants do not look much better.
The heat is really taking it's toll.

(click for larger view)

On a positive side, we have harvested one
rather odd looking cuke

Yes, I said one.


Amber Star said... you suspect global warming? It has been SO HOT up here! It is raining and cool in CT., so one of the blogs I read said. Nothing in the immediate future for us though. Maybe Monday a little. Our tomatoes have started BLOOMING like crazy. There are three on the jillion or so I planted out there. We will see.

Oh btw-I saw on tv or the internet, I get confused sometimes, that Galveston will be underwater in a couple hunnerd years. My question is are they trying to warn people not to build there?

Melli said...

PJ... don't worry about Galveston in a couple hunnerd years... you do your best to stay above water THIS year! K?

ONE of my tomato plants is doing pitifully... the other two are doing grand! I don't get it! We still don't have a RED one though.

The cucumber plant WAS doing superbly - until I went away for the day and failed to water it every 3 or 4 hours! I came home and it was completely wilted dead! I watered it anyway and it popped right back to life! But it's not as green and healthy looking as it WAS! I hope it still produces... but maybe I slowed it down a tad!? You just WAIT! It's early yet! You will GET cucumbers! HOW MANY did you keep??? (plants?)

Melli said...

Dr. John posted his tomato this morning -- it doesn't look like yours! ROFL!