Friday, July 03, 2009

Look What Followed Me Home From Work Today!

OK, it didn't exactly follow me but it did need me.
I found her at an abandoned house.
I thought surely the Momcat would be back for her but
I went back after I finished with my clients and she
was just lying out in the hot sun.
I wanted to give Mom more time but when I picked the baby up
her fur felt as hot as if I had bare handed a baked potato.

Of COURSE this is a holiday weekend, but I am hoping
to get her into rescue first thing next week.

Just say a prayer I can keep her going that long.


Omnibus Driver said...

Don't forget to clean her bottom with a damp cotton ball after you feed her. It stimulates her urge to "go" after eating, just like Mama would with her tongue. Gross, I know, but it'll give her a better chance of survival.

Prayers sent up in the meantime!

Melli said...

Riiiiiiiiiiiight! By Monday that kitty is FAMILY! Whatcha gonna NAME her?

Hootin' Anni said...

This just tears the heart strings. You wonder why mama cat abandoned sweet kitty. Wish I were there...

Poor thing!!!!!!

Amber Star said...

The part about the cotton ball is very right. The baby can't go on her own yet. I've raised two on a bottle and queen replacement milk. Getting up every two hours wasn't the fun part, but there was a huge bond formed.

I'm with Melli that she will find a place in your home. Her mother may have been run over or something. You are a good woman, PJ.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Yeah, right...We are sure she'll be out of there first thing Monday :)

She is precious! Thanks so much for saving her life. Know you are taking good care of her.


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